Global Mathematics Circuit (Grades 3 - 12)
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Global Mathematics Circuit

Circuit Info

Online Inter-school mathematics circuit for students of Grades 3 to 12.

Team Requirements

A school must have representation from grades 3-10 to get a team score. Grade 11-12 is optional.

Events Calendar

Challenge rounds are conducted monthly. Detailed information for each round is available on the website

Contest Format

5 Domains per academic calendar 2 Qualifiers and 1 Final per domain Annual Pioneer Awards held in Delhi

Scoring Parameters

School team points are computed based on individual team member scores, consistency of performance and difficulty level of questions solved. Scores are updated monthly.

Overall Awards Categories

Student Awards

• ALL INDIA RANKS (National Top 20 per grade per domain)

• POWER PERFORMERS (National Top 10th percentile)

• SCHOOL ACHIEVERS (Top 5 per grade at school level)

• ANNUAL AWARDS (Circuit leaders get trophies each year)

• SCHOLARSHIPS (Worth Rs. 1 lakh; conditions apply)

School Awards

• PIONEER AWARDS (For Principals and Teachers)

• TOP MATH SCHOOLS (National / Region / Zone / State)




Event Information

The Global Math Circuit (GMC) is an inter-school online circuit that encourages skill development and excellence in mathematics. Hosted by piCirql Math, a Singapore-based mathematics edtech firm, Clash of Pi has attracted the world’s best schools to compete and benchmark themselves, giving students the opportunity to assess themselves periodically and to achieve mathematics excellence through competition. While the student takes each monthly round of the circuit individually, they also form a part of their school team. The top 10 scores per grade will contribute to the school team score.

The circuit is curriculum agnostic and encompass a broad range of curricula from around the globe. The mathematics topics covered on the circuit are largely grade appropriate. The rolling 12-month circuit runs through the whole year (with a break in March for the Awards presentation) and provides schools with a seamless mechanism to promote mathematics in their institutions. The goal is to encourage students to think and apply concepts, thereby building their proficiency in mathematics within a fun, exciting, competitive yet rigorous framework.


  • One topic is not part of my syllabus this year. How can I answer the questions?

    Clash of Pi is a mathematics aptitude test and is not restricted to any one syllabus. There may be a few topics that may not have been covered at your school. However, the questions on the circuit are meant to stimulate and challenge your ability to apply what you have learned at school. As such, you will most certainly be familiar with more than 80% of the syllabus covered.

  • How can I view the detailed syllabus for each of the topics?

    The main topics for each domain are provided in the calendar in the Events Calendar section

    The questions would be from chapters and sub-topics covered in their previous and present grade. The questions would test their overall proficiency in the topic and ensure that their expertise is assessed adequately.

Circuit Format

Clash of Pi is designed to simulate global standardized tests (like SAT and ACT) and to promote practice and familiarity with the online medium of testing that has become the norm. All rounds are held online within a secure student portal.

The circuit is divided into 5 domain rounds per year, which cater to specified disciplines of mathematics. This is done with a view to ensure proficiency in all areas of mathematics.

Each grade has a specified domain calendar. A domain comprises 2 Qualifiers and one Final, over a 3-month period. Typically, each monthly round is conducted on a pre-determined weekend (Friday to Sunday).

Grades 11 and 12 participate in the Professional Leagues and compete together


  • Where can I take Clash of Pi from? Which devices can I use?

    Clash of Pi is a purely online circuit. The test can be taken either from home or from school (as instructed by the school coordinator). On the scheduled test dates, you may login from any PC or laptop with a good internet connection.

    Clash of Pi is also mobile enabled, though we highly recommend using a PC or laptop for a seamless user experience.

  • Are there any system requirements that I need to take care of before attempting the Clash of Pi contest?


    Clash of Pi works best on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version before you start taking the test. Images and pictures in the questions are best rendered on the latest versions.

    Please DO NOT use Hotspot connections as they are quite unstable.

    We recommend the use of Broadband Internet or strong Wi-fi.

  • I missed taking the test on the scheduled dates. Can I do that test as practice?

    No. The tests can be taken only on the scheduled dates. If you have missed taking a qualifier in a particular domain round, your score in the other qualifier will be taken. If you have missed a domain final, you will lose out 50% of your score.

  • I am a top performing student in Class 5. Can I register for Class 6 Clash of Pi?

    In general, students must participate in their current grade level. However in exceptional circumstances, where the school agrees to do this on a one-off basis, we can consider having a student participate in a different grade. Please note that the final decision to allow a student to participate in a different grade than the current school grade lies with the organizer.

  • I found the questions very difficult for my Grade. Can I transfer my registration to a lower grade?

    No, you will need to take up your grade appropriate test.

School Team Requirements

Students generally participate as part of a school team. However, individual students may also participate in the circuit without the requirement to be part of a team.

Individual participants are eligible to domain level certifications and Annual Awards. Students from a school with less than the team requirements, may continue to participate and earn accolades for themselves and their school.

School team members are eligible to doman level certifications, Annual Awards and Scholarships.

Since the school team score is calculated based on the Top 10 performances per grade, it is recommended that there are more than 10 students that represent the school in each grade level. If there are less than 10 students per grade, the school team score gets adversely affected.

The circuit format brings about the excitement of a team sport, so that students collaborate and spur each other on to push their boundaries in mathematics.


  • I am a home-schooled student. Would I miss out on any benefits as I’m an individual taking the circuit?

    The Clash of Pi Circuit is available for individual students and those belonging to a school. You would receive the same resources, tests and digital certificates. Physical certificates can only be sent to school addresses. We do not send physical certificates to individual home addresses.

  • We have more than 100 students from my school participating in Clash of Pi but some grades are not adequately represented with the minimum requirement of 10 students. Will this impact our school score?

    Yes, Since the school team score is calculated based on the Top 10 performances per grade, it is recommended that there are more than 10 students that represent the school in each grade level. If there are less than 10 students per grade, the school team score gets adversely affected.

Circuit Calendar
Domains Einstein Boole Riemann Cauchy Cantor
Qualifier 1 Oct 16th-18th, 2020 Dec 18th-20th, 2020 Apr 17th-18th, 2021 Jun 19th-20th, 2021 Aug 21st-22nd, 2021
Qualifier 2 Nov 20th-22nd, 2020 Jan 22nd-24th, 2021 May 15th-16th, 2021 Jul 17th-18th, 2021 Sep 18th-19th, 2021
Final Dec 5th, 2020 Feb 6th, 2021 Jun 5th, 2021 Aug 7th, 2021 Oct 2nd, 2021

Please note that the circuit follows a rolling 12-month calendar. As such, students may enrol at any time in the year. No matter when you join, you will get access to 10 Qualifier rounds and 5 Finals. There is no penalty or disadvantage to joining the circuit at any time. Please refer to the section on Scoring Parameters for more details.

Topic Details for each Domain

(Categorized by Grade)

Domains Einstein
(Oct - Dec)
(Dec - Feb)
(Apr - Jun)
(Jun - Aug)
(Aug - Oct)
Grade 3 - 5 All Topics All Topics Arithmetic Geometry & Measurements Patterns, Puzzles & Arithmetic
Grade 6 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Geometry & Mensuration Data Handling, Statistics, Arithmetic & Algebra
Grade 7 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Geometry & Mensuration Data Handling, Statistics, Probability, Arithmetic & Algebra
Grade 8 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Geometry & Mensuration Statistics, Probability, Data Handling & Algebra
Grade 9 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Geometry, Mensuration & Coordinate Geometry Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry & Algebra
Grade 10 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Geometry, Mensuration & Coordinate Geometry Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry & Algebra
Grade 11 - 12 All Topics All Topics Algebra & Arithmetic Functions, Limits & Coordinate Geometry Pre-Calculus & Differentiation


  • Some of the dates fall on holidays when I’m travelling. How can I take the test in such instances?

    Since each monthly round comprises a 15 minute online test, this can be easily taken anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection.

  • One of the Rounds is during my exams. Will you be able to change the dates?

    No, the dates cannot be changed. Clash of Pi Qualifiers are scheduled (typically) on the 3rd weekend of each month and the Finals are on the 1st Saturday of the month. The dates are published at the beginning of the year. Date changes cannot be accommodated for any reason.

  • Can I have a retest after the contest is over?

    No, there is no provision for a retest after the contest period is completed.

Scoring Parameters

There are 25 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. Each question carries 4 points. Students may choose to skip questions or answer them. There are no negative marks for skipped questions. However, students cannot go back to skipped question at any point.

If you complete 25 questions inside the time limit, there will be no additional questions served.


Bonus questions may be introduced from time-to-time, which may carry extra points. There can be a maximum of 5 bonus questions per monthly test. Each bonus question is allowed one minute, and earns 10 points.

It is not necessary for every student to receive a bonus question. Based on our proprietary algorithm, bonus questions will appear for select students based on their performance on their test.

The bonus timer appears as a separate timer. The original test timer will be paused while the bonus question is attempted. If you submit your answer to the bonus question before 1 minute, you will be taken back to the original test, or you will be timed out as the case may be.

For 2 students with the same scores, the tie will be broken based on time taken i.e. the student who has taken less time will get a higher rank

Students earn proficiency badges based on Bonus questions that they are able to answer. The badges are as follows: Legend, Champion and Expert.

LEGEND BADGE: This is the highest achievement possible on the circuit. Students who answer 4 or more bonus questions correctly are eligible

CHAMPION BADGE: Students who answer 3 bonus questions correctly are eligible

EXPERT BADGE: Students who answer 1 or 2 bonus questions correctly are eligible


  • How is the score for each domain calculated for a student?

    A domain comprises 2 Qualifiers and one Final, over a 3-month period.

    The Best score achieved in either of the Qualifiers will be considered for the Domain Round Score computation. This constitutes 50 percent of the Domain Score

    The scores in the Final will contribute to 50 percent of the Domain Score

  • How is the school score calculated?

    The School Score is calculated over each Domain. The Top 10 students per grade in each school contribute to the School Total.

    Schools with exceptional performances across multiple Domain Rounds enter the Schools’ Hall of Fame

  • What type of report will the schools get?

    The school will receive a report with the following details:

    • · The school team’s overall score
    • · The details on the top scoring schools
    • · Score of each participating team member
    • · Certificates earned
  • Will all students get a participation certificate?

    Yes, all students participating in the contest will receive digital certificates. Global/National Rank holders are awarded physical certificates, which are distributed at the school.

  • When can I see my results?

    You can view your results within one hour of submitting your test. The results will also be emailed to your email id.

    The Top 10 in each grade are published on the website at This is a live leaderboard and gets updated every few minutes. The final winners are declared on the Monday after Clash of Pi.

Awards and Felicitation

An annual felicitation ceremony will be held every year to recognize exceptional achievements by students, and to honour schools and teachers who have been at the forefront of mathematics advancement


  • What are the awards for each domain?

    The top performing students will receive:

    • - All India Rank holder Certificates (Those students who earn a Top 20 National Rank in the Domain)
    • - Power Performer Certificates (Students who are in the Top 10th percentile of the country)
    • - School Rank Certificates (Students are among the Top 5 students in the grade at a school level)
  • Are there any prizes for the Clash of Pi Circuit after completion of all the domains?

    Winners may be presented with Awards at the end of the academic year. School Achievers are awarded with special prizes in February/March after the end of the yearly circuit. The cumulative performance of a student is taken into account in order to become eligible for the School Achievers List.

User Experience Queries


  • Is my login the same for all the qualifier rounds of Clash of Pi?

    Yes. Your login ID remains the same for all the qualifier and final rounds in the rolling 12 month period.

  • My name is spelt incorrectly. How can I change it?

    Please write an email to [email protected] with your Correct Full Name, Misspelt Name, Class, School Name and Login ID. We will update the details. You can view the changes on the student portal.

  • My grade is incorrect. How can I change it?

    Please write an email to [email protected] with your Full Name, Login ID, Class, Incorrect Class, School Name and City. You can view the changes on the student portal.