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Asian Math Circuit


Intensive year-round circuit that challenges students to higher order math skills.


Asia's most prolific circuit with a highly developed online framework to encourage mathematics and STEM focus.


Thought-provoking questions that encourage first principles thinking.

How it Works

Circuit Info

Online Mathematics circuit for students of Grades 3 to 12.

Team Requirements

A school must have representation from grades 3-10 to get a team score. Grade 11-12 is optional.

Events Calendar

Challenge rounds are conducted monthly. Detailed information for each round is available on the website

Contest Format

5 Domains per academic calendar 2 Qualifiers and 1 Final per domain

Scoring Parameters

School team points are computed based on individual team member scores, consistency of performance and difficulty level of questions solved. Scores are updated monthly.

Tech Enabled Mathematics


Intensive and targeted framework designed to help students excel at math and STEM


Technology enabled rubric based on targeted practice


Learning map providing visual reference of progress


Positive feedback loop culminating in real results

Awards & Recognition

Student Awards

International Circuit Ranks (ICR) (Asia's Top 20 students in each grade)

School Champion (Top 5 Ranks at the School level)

The Pioneer International Student Awards for Mathematics (PiSAM)
1. Certificate of Distinction - Hall of Fame
2. Certificate of Achievement - School Achievers

piSAM Awardees receive gift boxes in March each year
(*subject to Affiliate Partnership Agreements with the school)

STEM Awards

Nomination of principal to annual Pioneer list of 75 global leaders in education

Featured spot in STEM global Index for schools (Annual report)

TOP MATH SCHOOLS (Asia / Regional)

What Principals say

What Students say